TV advertisements "Tiru-Liru u Brasilu" and "Pit ćemo mi nju ako Bog da i u Brazilu" are our way of supporting millions of our national team's fans and wishing them a lot of luck and success in the upcoming qualifications for the World Cup.

In the TV advertisments, Mr. Enis Bešlagić played Mr. Safet Sušić (the national team coach) whilst Džeko, Spaha, Pjana and other "Dragons" have been played by the participants of a football school from Tuzla. The production of this TV advertisment has again been done by Arthur Creative agency from Tuzla and has been directed by Mr.Adnan Huremović. "Zlatna Džezva" is going to the World Cup with our "Dragons" said Mr.Enis Bešlagić whilst also emphasizing how in the land of coffee the indisputable quality of AS GROUP products will be confirmed. The young football players added how on a trip to the land of Samba they will also be accompanied by Tiru-Liru chocolate which is manufactured in three flavours: milk, banana and tut-fruti.

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AS GROUP: With "Zlatna džezva to Brazil." - Still Vispak!