The sponsorship agreement will be signed today by Mr.Rusmir Hrvic, board member of AS GROUP, Mr.Ivica Osim, the president of stabilization commitee of Bosnian Football Federation and Mr.Jasmin Bakovic, the general secretary of the Bosnian Football Federation. The signing will take place at the Hotal Astra Garni (Kundurdziluk 2) in Sarajevo at 12:00.

To mark the occasion, a public statement will be given by the board member of AS Group Mr.Rusmir Hrvić.

"AS GROUP wishes to use this opportunity to show that we belong with the best. The National Football team of Bosnia and Herzegovina is one shining example of our society. Today, we are placed with Mr.Ivica Osim and Mr.Enis Beslagic who certainly are amongst the most successful men of Bosnia and Hezegovina in their respective professions. Mr. Osim was one of the most successfull players and later a football coach whilst Mr.Beslagic is one of the most renouned actors of our time. We support the work of the National Football Federation which we believe is, after all the reforms put in place by Mr.Osim and his team, on a good path to raise the importance of sport and football, as one of the factors of youth upbringing, to a brand new level. Hence, it does not need to be emphasized that by sponsoring the national team we also are supporting Bosnia and Herzegovina as a whole. Example set by AS GROUP and the Bosnian National Football Federation are indisputable proof that with hard work come respectable results. In closing, we hope that the Bosnian national team will qualify for the World Cup in 2014 and that we all enjoy "Zlatna dzezva" in Brazil." said Mr.Rusmir Hrvic, board member of AS GROUP.

After the signing of the sponsorship agreement, the press will be addressed by Mr.Hrvic, Mr.Osim, Mr.Bakovic as well as the actor Mr.Enis Beslagic who is the brand carrier of AS GROUP.