Nett turnover for the first six months equals 13.767.175 BAM and is greater by 24% in comparison to the same period of last year.

The highest growth factor was achieved by coffee, whereby Zlatna Dzezva brand which this year celebrates it's 40th year of market presence, has the highest growth. During the month of May record coffee sales have been achieved. Current indicators show that last year's coffee sales, which were the highest in the post-war period, will be overachieved this year again. This is a result of high product quality as well as excellent distribution together with extensive marketing activities.

Positive trend is also followed by "Bosanska kuhinja" (Bosnian kitchen) brand lead by soups and chowders. Turnover of soups  during the first 6 months this year is the highest for this period since the initiation of this brand and is by 16% higher than last year. If we add to that 10 new "Tajna" products it is to be expected that this trend will continue throughout the end of 2012. It is to be expected that similar results will follow until the end of the year in this segment which is surely going to be further boosted by the launch of the new "Tiru-Liru" brand of chocolates.

"For the second consecutive year we have achieved increased production and sales which, for the Bosnian market, is relatively high taking into consideration the negative trends present in all markets. The reason for the growth is our high quality of Vispak products, continuous innovation together with constant re-invention of existing and introduction of new brands to the market. We also do not hide the fact that our primary brands "Bosanska kafa" and "Bosanska kuhinja" are our inspiration to proving our competence. Keeping in mind last year's results, we can already say that we will overachieve our own predictions of 10% increase for this year." says Director of Vispak, Mr.Rusmir Hrvic.

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